Sessions and Carver, Inc.


Tax Specialists With Experience You Can Trust .

Sessions and Carver, Inc. grew out of a need that became obvious to our founders, John Sessions and Chris Carver, former field auditors with the North Carolina Department of Revenue. While working face-to-face with the taxpayers of the state they realized that there is a large majority who want to pay their tax correctly but lack the resources to fully understand North Carolina’s tax laws and how the laws apply in their specific situations. John and Chris realized that the system of educating and updating the taxpayers was not effective and the taxpayers needed more.
Sessions and Carver, Inc. was formed in July, 1999 to meet the needs of the conscientious taxpayers of North Carolina and make the knowledge from 25 years of tax auditing experience available to the taxpayers. The goal is to help taxpayers feel more confident about the sales and use tax returns that they submit without overpaying taxes. Our clients are kept up-to-date through our constant monitoring of tax law changes by the North Carolina legislature and administrative changes at the Department of Revenue.
Review for Overpayments 
Many times, after a seminar, participants realize that they need help correcting the mistakes that have been made in the past. Sessions and Carver, Inc. is available to provide the experience of a tax auditor in such cases to help you pay the correct amount of tax without paying too much. In many cases we have been able to recover tax which had been overpaid in the past and help taxpayers reduce their future tax bills significantly.
Audit Resolution 
Some clients have requested our assistance with audit resolution. Since auditors don’t know as much about your business as you do they sometimes make presumptions that are not in your best interest. We are uniquely able to combine the knowledge of the tax auditor with the perspective of the taxpayer. We have been able to help the auditor understand the unusual operations of a one-of-a-kind business and at the same time help our clients understand the complexities of the tax law.
Nonprofit and Governmental Entities
Sessions and Carver, Inc. specializes in requesting periodic claims for refund for nonprofits and governmental entities.  We can make this a painless process for you providing assurance that your claim for refund has been filed correctly and that you are getting all of the money your organization is entitled to.
Through knowledge of the tax laws, monitoring law changes, and effective distribution of information we have been able to provide a positive return on investment for those who have taken advantage of the services that we offer and we have put millions of dollars back into the hands of honest taxpayers statewide.